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The TC3 DRINKING CLUB was founded on December 22, 2014, by Will Carter and Kay Ford, originally as a place where people could go and discuss and share their experiences and adventures as fans of The Cadillac Three.

Since the club's inception it has grown on all fronts, with social gatherings and meet ups happening whenever there is a TC3 show. Whether it be a headliner or a support for another band, the TC3 DRINKING CLUB will be there in force.


We have members stretched across the globe now, from the USA and Canada to South America and across to the UK and Europe and even as far as Australia. We have our very own range of club merchandise, ranging from clothing to shot glasses and mugs, stickers and badges as well as other cool stuff. Be sure to check it out.

Above all it's a place where you can share anything TC3 and related with like-minded people who love this band as much as we do. Enjoy our website and tell all your friends to COME JOIN THE FUN......


Go join our fan club on our social media platforms, especially Facebook, where you will find a few thousand like-minded fans.


And now there is an official fan club for The Cadillac, which we fully support and encourage everyone to join!

Country Fuzz Fan Club





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