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Review of “Legacy”

By Will Carter


















Okay, so I finally got my copy of “Legacy.” I had resisted the urge to listen to any of the instant downloads or the NPR streaming audio of the album, as I wanted to just sit down and listen from start to finish on my own terms.

I've listened once through and now on my second time, I’ve got to say, I must have been watching too much “Nashville” as I really like every single track. Absolute favourite is still the only track I've heard before, and that was “Tennessee” that The Cadillac Three played at Download Festival in June. But “Hank & Jesus,” “Long Hair Don't Care” and “Love Me Like Liquor” are right up there.

I can't wait to hear these all played live and loud, it's gonna be epic.

Congratulations to The Cadillac Three on a massive new album. 

Track List

1. Cadillacin' (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason)
2. Tennessee (Jaren Johnston)
3. Hank & Jesus (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Angelo Petraglia)
4. Dang If We Didn’t (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Jonathan Singleton)
5. Ain’t That Country (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, James Slater)
6. American Slang (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Lori McKenna"
7. Take Me to the Bottom (Jaren Johnston)
8. Long Hair Don’t Care (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Angelo Petraglia)
9. Love Me Like Liquor (featuring Lori McKenna) (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Lori McKenna)
10. Demolition Man (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Angelo Petraglia)
11. Legacy (Jaren Johnston, Ben Burgess, Laura Veltz)

Produced by The Cadillac Three

Released August 25, 2017

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