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TC3 Drinking Club Review of “Bury Me In My Boots”

by Will Carter





















It's been a long, long wait for the much anticipated second album from our favorite guys, The Cadillac Three. August 5th 2016, is that wonderful day when “BURY ME IN MY BOOTS” becomes available to one and all, and finally bridges the divide between the US and Europe.


The album is, to quote Jaren, “14 songs of badass shit that we're real proud of.” So let's take a look.


The album starts strong with a new song, the title track “BURY ME IN MY BOOTS,” a genuine Southern Rock power ballad. “Bury me in my boots and don't forget the whiskey” conjures up images of the archetypal Southern man. This will be a crowd favorite for sure, with its sing along chorus.


Next up is another of the brand new tracks, “SLIDE,” a rip roaring fun song with double entendres in pretty much every line. Jaren does well to fit so many lyrics into 2 minutes and 36 seconds, but does a great job. With the speed of this song, I can't wait to see them attempt it live.


Track three is the current single release “DRUNK LIKE YOU.” It's a song that has that undeniable radio play charm. Expect to hear this on a radio near you this summer.


“GRAFFITI” is a song that Neil wrote. Jaren said he normally does not sing a song that other people have written, but he loved this ever since Neil played it for him on the bus, and it reminded him of his youth where everybody wanted to be “small town famous.” It's a slower tempo ballad that, like many of their songs, has an easy to remember chorus that has you singing along instantly.


Another new one next, “BUZZIN’” – It's a track that has that amazing ability to make you get lost in the lyrics, with a tempo that has you floating along with each word. This song would not be out of place in a Tarantino movie; it has that retro vibe.


Now we have “PARTY LIKE YOU,” a well-known crowd favorite that was released as a digital single but now has its well-deserved place on this new album. Always gets you moving to its rocking beat, and one of the most requested tracks from TC3 on UK radio.


A song that has appeared in the set list over the last few months is next, a bubbly, fun loving summer jam titled “SHIP FACED.” It's a head bobbing, foot stomping song that will have you singing the chorus every time, emphasizing the lyrics “sun burned and ship faced.”


SOUNDTRACK TO A SIX PACK” is a song that I have literally waited years to hear played live, and I got my wish this year in Norwich in the UK. It is another head bobbing tune with references to beer, women and even a Charlie Daniels classic “the Devil went down to Georgia” only this time in a Cadillac. A great mid to up tempo party song.


WHITE LIGHTNING” is one song that always makes it into the set. Jaren once said that they don't do love songs, except this one that he wrote about love at first sight, when he met his now wife Evyn. He tried to put in memories from his childhood that meant a lot to him like Monroe and the Duke boys, and classic Southern themes like whiskey and Dale Earnhardt. This song makes women swoon, and I've seen grown men cry. It truly is a beautiful love song.


What can be said about “THE SOUTH” except that it's a modern day classic, truly anthemic, and always used as the finale for shows. It is the loudest sing along of the night normally at a live show, as the whole crowd joins in with the chorus. It doesn't lose any of its live appeal recorded in the studio. It still is one hell of a powerful song, and will be a favorite for many years to come.


THIS ACCENT” is a mid tempo song about Southern family values and being proud of where you come from. It doesn't matter if you lose the material things in life, always remember where it started, and the real important things that make you who you are.


PEACE LOVE & DIXIE” was a UK only EP release that is of similar tempo to “I'M SOUTHERN” from the first album. It is a regular addition to live performances, where the crowd join in with the chorus, and it's only right that it's now available stateside too.


Another release from the UK only EP is “HOT DAMN,” which is definitely a rocker with a faster tempo and a really infectious chorus. Again needed to be released stateside, so this is another great addition to the new album.


The final song is another love song about getting back to the one you love as quickly as possible when you've been away for too long. This is slightly different, as there are no drums on “RUNNIN' RED LIGHTS.” Instead you get the wonderful harmonies and lap steel of Kelby mixed with Jaren’s guitar and voice.


BURY ME IN MY BOOTS” is a combination of songs we are already familiar with, and some brand new ones that we are hearing for the first time. It is an eclectic mix of styles and tempos and is a very strong follow up album. There are songs on here that will be favorites for years to come, and will no doubt take pride of place at the live shows.


It has been a roller coaster ride of musical emotions reviewing this album, but I've loved every minute. The Cadillac Three, in my opinion, are a rare combination, that bring their amazing talent to the fore every time they step out onto the stage. Long may it continue, so until the next time, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SOUTH......


Track List

1. “Bury Me In My Boots”** (Kelby Ray Caldwell, Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason)
2. “Slide” (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Lindsay Rimes)
3. “Drunk Like You”** (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Jesse Frasure)
4. “Graffiti” (Neil Mason, Corey Crowder, Luke Dick)
5. “Buzzin’”** (Jaren Johnston, Luke Laird)
6. “Party Like You”** (Jaren Johnston, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
7. “Ship Faced” (Jaren Johnston, Brent Anderson, Jerrod Niemann)
8. “Soundtrack to a Six Pack”** (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Benjamin Cashatt)
9. “White Lightning”** (Jaren Johnston)
10. “The South” (feat. Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley & Mike Eli)** (Jaren Johnston)
11. “This Accent” (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Jimmy Robbins)
12. “Peace Love & Dixie” (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Ryan Hurd)
13. “Hot Damn” (Kelby Ray Caldwell, Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Andrew Dorff)
14. “Runnin’ Red Lights”** (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason)

Produced by The Cadillac Three
**Produced by Dann Huff and Justin Niebank

Released August 5, 2016

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